Symposium on street education in Zamora (Spain, 23-25 Oct. 2018)

The Zamora City Council, the Menesiano Center and the Spanish Red Cross of Zamora are co-organizing a National Symposium on Street Education in Spain on 23, 24 and 25 October 2018. Enrolment is open!

This municipal street education project is a reference, and organizes these days to continue developing long-term coherent programs in Spain. This is an opportunity to share a rich program of interventions on the “Past, Present and Future of Street Work” of this model of socio-educational work, in collaboration with CEESCYL.

The objectives of this conference:

  • Promote street education as a methodological tool for socio-educational work with disadvantaged children and young people
  • Share innovative experiences and good practices
  • Create a space for meeting and reflection between educators
  • Highlight the importance of street education programs at the national and international levels


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Symposium on street education in Zamora (Spain, 23-25 Oct. 2018)