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Dynamo International – Street Workers Network | Recognition of the critical role played by social street workers at UN level

Recognition of the critical role played by social street workers at UN level

The essential role played by social street workers in caring for children is internationally recognized in the General comment on children in street situations.

Published in June 2017, General Comment on Children in Street Situations adopted by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child recognizes the specificities of accompanying children in street situations. The long term support is one component, the integrated approach is another.

Long-term support from social street workers

Many actors in the field strongly denounce the inadequacy of short-term policies targeted at themes called “default” (fight against HIV, fight against delinquency …). If this one sometimes has the merit of existing, it is notorious that to be effective social street workers are not limited to these narrow topics.

“States should take action to secure the ability of children in street situations to gain access to basic services such as health and education, and to justice, culture, sport and information.”

Street-connected social workers

“States should ensure their child protection systems provide for specialized services on the street, involving trained social workers with good knowledge of local street connections and who can help children reconnect with family, local community services and wider society. This does not necessarily imply that children should renounce their street connections, but rather, the intervention should secure their rights.”

And to specify that:

“National and local governments should understand and support the critical role of social workers, including street-based workers, in early detection, providing support to families with children at risk and to children in street situations.”

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Recognition of the critical role played by social street workers at UN level