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- Newsletter October 2013


September-October  2013


The meeting of Bucharest (held from 7 to 11 October) reflects in a way the consensus process of the pilot group of Dynamo International - Street Workers Network. It began with long discussions and sometimes contradictory propositions, but the comparison of the specific realities of each country allowed everyone to understand the diverse points of view and to change attitude. The Network’s Charter and structure were also discussed and amended, putting an emphasis on the increasing autonomy of the national platforms. Other issues that were addressed will be the subject of a future paper.

On 8 October, the Parada Foundation (which coordinates the platform of street workers in Romania) organised a conference with Romanian and Belgian policy makers. The emotion triggered by the meeting, the day before, with some street children of Bucharest, was still tangible; fruitful exchanges took place on the street reality, on best practices and on the role of public authorities for the 48 member countries of the Network.

Quoc Duy TRAN

Network Expert and Regional Coordinator for Asia

Dynamo International Street Workers Network



Social Protection in times of crisis?  

Social protection is a recognised human right (art. 22 and 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). Still in this current economic climate, a significant proportion of European citizens find themselves living in extremely precarious situations, depending on State-provided social services. Even though various policy instruments are already in place, there needs to be continued effort to support the most vulnerable so that Social Europe becomes a reality for everybody.

To make the voice of social street workers heard, Dynamo International - Street Workers Network is working on key policy recommendations on social protection. The final document will be presented at the Conference on Social Protection, which will be held on 22 November 2013 at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels (see related article).

Do you want to contribute to our policy recommendations?

Write to mari.fresu@travailderue.org by 8 November.



 “Touch Streetwise” Project:  dissemination conference in Graz

On Monday 30 September 2013, the day after the national election in Austria, 55 participants met together in Novapark Hotel Graz to screen the brand new DAPHNE-documentation-movie. The audience was composed by local politicians, the Head of youth welfare office, the President of Caritas-Austria Franz Küberl and many street workers from all over Austria.

After an intensive discussion about the film-making, the research handbook was distributed to the public. In the afternoon session participants were split in four different working groups where they could debate the results and impacts of this research.

The research handbook is also available (English/German) at Dynamo International Offices. If interested, please write to dynamo-int@travailderue.org and ask for “Responding to Street Violence: Guidelines for Street-based Youth Workers” (Pete Harris, Mike Seal & Graeme Tiffany).

Photos of the dissemination conference

Helmut Steinkellner

Member of the Austrian Platform of Dynamo International– Street Workers Network


News from Czech Republic: Seminar “Working with the family of a low-threshold social services client“, 7-8 November

From 7 to 8 November 2013, street workers from Austria, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia will participate in a good practice seminar in Prague to present their experience with working with client´s family.

Czech social service providers will also present their practice. The aim of the seminar is to discuss the possibilities and limitations of low threshold social services, to identify good practice examples and to search for new ways of solution in the area of working with the client´s family and to apply these to the Czech reality. 

The seminar is supported from the European social fund, operational programme Human Resources and Employment, under the project “Build-up the Quality of Low Threshold Social Services through Sharing Good Practice in the Chosen EU Countries”.

For more information click here.

Karolina Panuskova and Helena Kotova

Members of the Czech Platform of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network


Training of trainers  “Exchange of practice” (EN, FR)

The Street Work Training Institute of DYNAMO INTERNATIONAL is organizing a Training of Trainers on "Exchange of practice" in Lisbon from 4 to 8 November 2013. Participants (street work trainers from Greece, Poland, the Netherlands, Congo DRC, Burundi, Haiti, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Norway) will have the opportunity to learn and exchange their experience with their peers. Everyone will have the chance to lead a part of the training.

The Street Work Training Institute will put the expertise of each participant at the participants disposal to reflect and develop the training strategy of Dynamo International in the coming years.

Registrations are closed; the maximum number of participants is reached (20).

Workshop "Street work and Social Marketing " (EN )

From 9 to 13 December, Jan Schellekens (Netherlands ) is back in Lisbon to animate a new workshop on the theme street work and social marketing.

Like last year, the workshop will focus on how street workers in the Netherlands apply some techniques inspired marketing in their field work with young people. January Schellekens will explain his way to study the structure and evolution of groups , relying on the talents of young people, analyze the results and adjust its activities to the needs ( see the website www.travailderue.org  , PUBLICATIONS tab, Issue # 4 " STREET WORK AND SOCIAL MARKETING " to see the content of the December 2012 workshop).

Marketing and fundraising techniques will be also explored during the workshop. The working language will be English. The workshop has duration of 25 hours and costs 600 €. This price includes accommodation (4 nights) and food from Monday afternoon to Friday afternoon.

For more information: institute@travailderue.org

Video competition “Our streets”

The jury met in Bucharest and chose the four winning videos of our micro- video contest!

It is important to note that the jury has suffered enough in the process, as all the works were interesting and showed the efforts of each group. But a choice had to be made and so we did.

The jury was composed of street workers, young people and youth workers present at the conference on child poverty organised by the Association PARADA. 15 people from Mexico, Belgium, France, Algeria , Nicaragua, Romania, Poland and Greece were part of the jury , which met at the French Institute in Bucharest on Tuesday 8 October 2013, in the afternoon for 2 hours.

The jury congratulates all the participants for their excellent work and was surprised by the quality of videos, leading a perilous decision process.

Here are the winners:

  • Best micro-video (250 euros for activity) : Service Anderlecht Prevention: " Strangers in place of resistance." Brussels, Belgium.
  • Theme (150 euros for activity) : Caritas Jugendstreetwork : " Graz Styria " - Graz , Austria Aesthetics (150 euros for activity): The Merlo : "The Uccle Housing Society " - Brussels , Belgium.
  • Originality (150 euros for activity): Grupa Animacji Społecznej . Poznan , Poland

The jury awarded two special mentions :

  •  Mention 1 ( 50 euros for activity) El Allon: "In the Solana " ( Tierra de Campos - Valladolid-Spain) for its originality and freshness, it opens a window into the rural areas, often invisible in youth issues .
  • Mention 2 (50 euros for activity) , " Esten seen the " Catalunya , Spain

Thank you very much for your participation ... until next year!

Jon Etxeberria - Communication Manager

Dynamo International – Street Workers Network



Take part in the debate on the future of Europe!

As the debate about the future of Europe gathers pace, the European Commission is reaching out to citizens by visiting towns across Europe and asking them directly for their views.

Discutez directement avec les décideurs politiques européens de vos droits, de l'Europe dont vous rêvez et de vos attentes concernant l'Union européenne.

To know more



« Social protection, Citizenship and Street Work »- Come and join the debate!

This event will bring together key stakeholders and experts to explore different perspectives on the future challenges in the field of social protection. The street workers policy recommendations will be presented and discussed on this occasion.

  • WHEN?         

On Friday, 22 November 2013, 9h00 – 15h30

  • WHERE?

Room VM1, Committee of the Regions, Brussels


Please send the reply form to mari.fresu@travailderue.org by 8 November


“Espece d’animateur”, 19 November, Marche-en-Famenne-Belgium

“Espece d’animateur” is an annual event that brings together hundreds of professionals in the child and youth sector (facilitators, educators...). This is an opportunity for you to meet new people, to discover new ways of working, to step back, to reflect together on the meaning of your job ... In short, come on next 19 November at the “Maison de la Culture” in Famenne-Ardenne, it will be good;)

Info and registration



Ah! The joys of Varna!

Finally – we made it! Sara has gone to spend a month in Varna, on the shores of the Black Sea. There may have been a few tears shed on the first day, but when I left her at the For You association’s offices, she was grinning from ear to ear. Let me fill you in.

After having said the magic word, “International Project” in a youth information bureau in Mons, we met Sara. All she wanted to do was go abroad to gain the experience necessary to become a mentor/youth leader. Following several weeks of research and having been presented with several options, Sara decided to go for a month’s European Voluntary Service where she would be helping to run workshops for young people with disabilities.

Read more


EVS at the International Mobility Project of Dynamo International


The right to imitate sacred rituals - a community right granted to children alone

Throughout the entire region of the former kingdom of Danxomè local communities have remained reluctant to promote and respect the rights of the child ever since Benin ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1991. And yet, they do agree on not considering children’s violations of traditions, rites, or worship as a sacrilege.

For the past few months, a group of civil society organisations (CSO) active in the towns of Abomey and Bohicon has been benefiting from methodological support from the Benin platform as part of a contract between the METOKAN Association of Solidarity and Support, affiliated to Abbé Pierre’s EMMAÜS INTERNATIONAL and the Groupement des Educateurs Spécialisés du Bénin (GRES-BENIN, Benin Group of Childcare Workers).

At the end of the contract, the Maison des Enfants (ME, Children’s House), on which building began in 2010 through the French Embassy’s Social Development Fund for the Group for Research and Action in Human Development (GRADH), was up and running and community outreach work was stronger.

Read more

Leatitia Akplogan, ESGB/PASSERELLE, Porto-Novo, Benin     

and Roger Ouensavi, Groupement des Educateurs Spécialisés du Bénin


L’information contenue dans cette publication ne reflète pas nécessairement la position ou l’opinion de la Commission européenne.