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Dynamo International – Street Workers Network | Network’s Publication: Social street work, between struggles, resistances and mobilizations

Network’s Publication: Social street work, between struggles, resistances and mobilizations

This book is the third in a series dedicated to the different facets and components of social street work. Driven by the testimonials of the members of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network from Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa, our reflection on “community actions” in street social work is the third element of this trilogy.

More and more, the excluded, beggars, and other disenfranchised communities of a dominant model of integrated global capitalism, find themselves in the streets, squats, sewers and various places where all believe to find a little freedom and the means to survive.

The occupation of social street worker was created more than a century ago to go to meet these multiple and varied populations but whose common point is to be disaffiliated from a society where the human is not a priority.

At the heart of this sometimes improbable meeting, a question arises on our ability to create and influence our environments and our models of society. The community action or “action of social transformation” is at the heart of this issue. Testimonies from social street workers from around the world show us that we need to act rather than suffer.

The French version of the book “Le travail social de rue, entre luttes, résistances et mobilisations” co-authored by Jean Blairon et Edwin de Boevé is published by L’Harmattan Paris in the collection ‘educators and preventions’.

About the authors:

Jean Blairon, Ph.D. in Philosophy and Letters, is a director of the non-profit association RTA, an approved training and research service for the youth assistance and education sector.

Edwin de Boevé, who holds a master’s degree in educational sciences, created Dynamo in 1984, an youth support service specializing in social street work in Belgium. Today, Director of Dynamo International, he coordinates the International Network of Street Social Workers, Dynamo International – Street Workers Network.

In the library of the Network:

The book explains the methodology that is mobilized to make visible to individuals or groups who could benefit from a help, how it can be built, according to which model of efficiency, in what type of relationship.

This second publication stems from the need to further develop certain aspects discussed in that the International Guide to the Methodology of Street Work.

A version of these books (in French language) is also published by L’Harmattan:

In 2010, a first publication described how social street workers could connect with an audience deemed to “escape” from traditional social work. A second book, published in 2013, focussed on collective actions, meaning the way in which the groups in street situations can be formed, lead projects, take initiatives.

  • « Le Guide international sur la méthodologie du travail de rue à travers le monde », E. de Boevé et M. Giraldi, Ed. L’Harmattan, 2010
  • « La place de l’action collective dans le travail social de rue », E. de Boevé et P. Toussaint, Ed. L’Harmattan, 2013
Network’s Publication: Social street work, between struggles, resistances and mobilizations