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Dynamo International – Street Workers Network | Life stories from the streets of Latin America

Life stories from the streets of Latin America

Portraits of families with whom social street workers from Latin America are connected and who have agreed to share a piece of their lives on the street.

As an active member of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network, the Association of Street Workers of Quebec (ATTRueQ) has the opportunity to interact and meet with social street workers from all over the globe. In the last issue of the bulletin “La Galère”, dedicated to the theme of the family, they asked three social street workers in Bolivia, Guatemala and Mexico to share portraits of families with whom they are connected.

Angel’s family in Bolivia

Ángel Javier Vargas is a 21-year-old boy who has been living on the streets since the age of 8 with ups and downs, struggling every day to reverse the situation. Through a difficult childhood, he began to work at the age of 6 as a shoe shine with his father-in-law on the street. His mother abandoned him very young and the relationship with his father was difficult. Several times he was mistreated and expelled from the family home…

Read more (in French): La famille d’Angel

The family Aylin Barillas in Guatemala

The father has six grandchildren whom he has cared for since his daughter, the mother of the children was killed by members of a street gang. He must also take care of his five own children. One of them also has four children with his wife. In total, 21 people live in a single houseof sheet metal of 3 by 7 meters, including a portion for the small bakery. In total 21 people live in the house…

Read more (in French): La famille Aylin Barillas

The family Pantoja Hernández in Mexico

The Pantoja Hernández family is composed of Jessica, Alfredo, and their sons Carlos and Cristian. Every day, this family starts very early to go work in the subway. It’s the only place where the family can stay together to work and earn money…

Read more (in French): The family Pantoja Hernández

Thank you to:

  • Francis LACHARITÉ, Association of Street Workers of Quebec (ATTRueQ) in Montreal, Canada
  • Daniela RIVEROS from the Fondation Alalay in La Paz, Bolivia
  •  Gabriela ALTMAN, Association Siembra Buen in Guatemala City
  • Organisation El Caracol, Mexico
Life stories from the streets of Latin America