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Dynamo International – Street Workers Network | Latest news from our member in Nepal

Latest news from our member in Nepal

Our platform in Nepal, the Child Protection Centers and Services (CPCS), released its latest progress report on its activities with street-based children in Nepal. The opportunity to make introductions !

The Child Protection Centers and Services (CPCS) is involved on the protection of street-based children and children at risk in Nepal since 2002. CPCS social street workers and educators supports hundreds of children with education, health care, psychological counseling, legal support, professional training.

A variety of reasons can lead a child to the street in Nepal: peer pressure, media influence, natural disaster, family break-up, poverty, family violence, dream of a well paying job or access to free education, dream of easier life in a city….

Children migrate from their hometown or village to the big cities. Once there, they generally end up in the street where they face multiple dangers: drugs, abuses, crimes, hatred, exploitation, discrimination, intimidation, illegal detention and sexually transmitted diseases.

Children who had to leave their home can reply on the CPCS team of social street workers to find their way back home. Sometimes this does not go smoothly, but with negotiations with village communities and authorities, reasonable solutions are often found.

Despite the new obstacles, CPCS continues its work. New Family Care Centers opened in the rural areas of Dolakha, Charikot, and Morang. Children, their families, and the community can go there to find medical, legal and practical support.

Learn more about CPCS International in Nepal:

Latest news from our member in Nepal