International Convention of Children’s Rights-Meeting in Bruxelles

In collaboration with the Consortium for street Children, Dynamo International participate in the organization of an international consultation on the General Comment specifically dedicated to children in street situations.

This is a major issue as the General Comments of the UN Child Rights Committee complement on a legal basis, and at the highest level, the International Convention of Children’s Rights

You can find more information on the international consultation process for the preparation of the General Comment in the summary diagram – ANNEX 1

The overall objective of this consultation process is to gather a maximum of comments from the children in street situations and social workers who work with them. The approach is participatory and inclusive and will supply the content of the General Comment specifically dedicated to children in street situations.

Participants will be asked to take position for the 4 key areas identified by the Children’s Rights Committee :

1. The right to freedom of association
2. The right to a good standard of living
3. The right to protection and care
4. How to support children in street situations and children who might become street children

The Consortium for street Children asked Dynamo International to coordinate the European consultation. However, we also want to take the opportunity to involve the network as a whole and produce a position paper of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network.

How can YOU get involved?

CONSULTATIONS (FACE TO FACE) in BRUSSELS on the 18th AND 19th of April 2016
– What is it about ?
The European consultation will be organized by Dynamo International in Brussels on the 18th and 19th of April 2016. It will bring together 60 participants from all over Europe including at least 30 children in street situations and / or young adults who were in a street situation.

– Who can participate?
Street social workers from Europe will support and accompany to Brussels at least 1 up to 3 children (12-24 years) in street situations / young adults who were in a street situation.

The Consortium for Street Children provides a guide (annex 2) to help participants to organize and prepare the European consultation in Brussels (general knowledge on children’s rights, children’s selection process to choose the ones who will attend the consultation, methodology for the workshop preparation, administrative procedures to follow …). You will also find a consent form to be completed by each child.

– Work language?
Simultaneous translation will be provided in English and French during the consultation. Be sure that the adult accompanying the children master at least one of these two languages.

– Financial support?
Transport costs for the way to Brussels and the way back to your country will be covered as well as accommodation (2 nights) and food for the participants. (Reservation of flights will be performed by Dynamo International, you don’t need to advance any expenses).

– Administrative legal aspects for children?
Social workers are responsible for the children they accompany. They must subscribe in their country for an insurance covering injury and assistance. This should cover the child during the trip and during the conference. They will also ensure they have a legal authorization for traveling with a minor child.

– Information and registration for participants
(To be completed as quickly as possible and to the 4th of March 2016 at the latest)


Registration Form

International Convention of Children’s Rights-Meeting in Bruxelles