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Dynamo International – Street Workers Network | Charter


On the occasion of the international meeting “Words from the street” of social street workers in Brussels in November 2002, participants expressed the desire to create an international network of social street workers.

This meeting led to the following observations:

  • A need to create practical and theoretical tools for street workers
  • A need for recognition and visibility of street work, particularly on its part of the collective action;
  • A need to intensify the exchange of best practices between street workers;

At this time, there is a need to continue the further development of the network due to the increased number of national platforms established.

Due to changes on social, economic, politic and environment structures in the world, there are an increased number of people in the streets suffering social exclusion, exploitation and different forms of abuse.

The network has developed its capabilities in a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Therefore, there is a need to review and assessment it work.

Also, we consider it important to continue lobbying regional-continental and national and international recognition for street work by public policies and also strengthen the capacity of social street workers to ensure that their professional status is responsible and socially accepted and respected.


Dynamo international – Street workers Network is a network of social street workers.

Network privileges action in favor of street work and street workers;

Network privileges action for the benefit of all people living on the street or in marginal situations.

It involves developing local and international solidarity between street workers and others partners who are actively fighting against any violation of human rights.


Dynamo International work in the interest of social street workers and people living on the street and/or marginalized on the basis of the following principles and values:

  • Citizen participation
  • Cooperation
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Social justice
  • Solidarity
  • Otherness
  • Diversity


People on street situation have their rights guaranteed and live in a society that not only protects them, but actively supports their development to the highest levels of their potential without discrimination.

The social street workers have their official professional status and street work is part of public policies, accepted in national, regional, and international level.


Dynamo international street worker network represents the interests of worldwide social street workers in policy development, networking at national, regional and international levels aiming at improving the living conditions of people of the street.


  1. Strengthen the role and capacity of street workers
  2. Be actively involved, at local, national and international levels, in the defense of human rights, the fight against social exclusion and discrimination.
  3. Promote an enabling environment for street workers at national and international levels, by raise public awareness on situation of people of the street and street work activities.
  4. Strengthen connections between street workers at national and international levels.


  1. To respect and implement the principals, values and objectives of Dynamo international street worker network’s
  2. To respect the rules of operation of Dynamo International – Street workers network.
  3. To exchange information conducive to strengthening Dynamo international street worker network and for improved lobby and advocacy
  4. To promote and represent Dynamo international street worker network with honour and in good faith among peers in national regional and international level.