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- Newsletter June 2014


May-June 2014


Several months have gone by since our last Newsletter. Although we have been kept very busy with outreach, we have also had to reorganise the way we work in order to be able to keep to our commitments and continue to provide support to our network of street workers. The funding from the Progress Programme dried up in December 2013 and we have not been selected for new funding for 2014-2017. We are disappointed, of course, but we are continuing to raise the profile of street work, promote solidarity and combat poverty and exclusion by focusing on the reality around us.

As for 2014, the challenges that lie before us are to strengthen the network through a strategic plan that will outline guidelines for the future and to continue to strengthen regional networks. Next autumn, the Pilot Group meeting will be held in Santa Cruz (Bolivia), and we will be keeping a watchful eye on the European Parliament elections which will be extremely important for the development of new social cohesion policies.

We are still here, at grassroots level, ready to offer people with alternatives.



No to growth that leads to an increase in child poverty!

Press release from the EU Alliance for Investing in Children in parallel to the EPSCO Council meeting of 10 March 2014.

Dynamo International is a member of the EU Alliance for Investing in Children.

 Press Release

Working together to reach and empower marginalized youth”

(Oslo, April 2014)

The city of Oslo, the Agency for social and social welfare services and the Competence Centre organised the European Conference on Outreach Work, 2014. The main focus was on how outreach workers interact and how they understand, meet and engage with various groups of marginalized youth. The conference also explored how new patterns of poverty and migration shape new possibilities and challenges for young people in the margin of society. The conference took place in Oslo, 3 - 4 April 2014.


Watch Edwin de Boevé’s (Dynamo International) speech on Youtube

Conference on Adolescence (Barcelona)

The process involved in working with teenagers as part of street outreach.  This is an opportunity to discuss options and prospects in order to improve support to teenagers finding their way in life.

3rd conference– Barcelona - May 2014.

Video summary
For more information



News from the Philippines

After months of difficulties, we have had news from the Philippines: 

Foundation Virlanie


International Day for Street Children in Greece  

The 12th of April is the International Day for Street Children. In Greece, ARSIS supports this day by organising a wide variety of activities and by sharing experiences. It was an opportunity to raise awareness and to tell people about this event and about street children by organising a 2-day event in Thessaloniki.

On the first day, 11th of April, a workshop was organised on the topic and methodology of working with children in the street, on what we do and what we can do. The participants in the workshop were: “National Centre for Social Solidarity” and the NGOs “ARSIS”, “EMFASIS foundation”, “PRAXIS”, “Medecins Du Monde”, “The A21 Campaign”.

On the second day, 12th of April, an all-day event took place in the city centre where different activities were organised and many people took part:  

  • Mobile school
  • Puppetry show for children
  • Creative workshops
  • Amusing activities with clowns
  • Live music



Raising awareness amongst school communities – Practical Guide 

New publication by Dynamo International-Street Workers Network, ARSIS (Greece), Salvati Copiii (Romania) and Landeshauptstadt (Germany).

A guide on methods and processes in order to put child rights into practice on the streets.


On the street – A Practical guide for new street social workers

The “Federation for Detached Youth” (United Kingdom), in cooperation with Dynamo International-Street Workers Network, has put together a toolkit for working with young people and other professionals who do outreach work in the street.

This guide is written in a useful, user-friendly way and is a must-have for anybody starting out in the profession.

It is a practical guide for new street workers which draws on the experiences of street workers from across the world.

The guide focuses on issues such as the safety of workers, their fears and worries as well as the skills required for working in the street. As such, it can be used to help new workers find their feet as part of the integration process.

You can get a paper copy of the guide from Dynamo International: dynamo-int@travailderue.org  or  Federation for Detached Youth: fdyw@nya.org

English version

French version

Spanish version


Conference on Street work in Zaragoza (Spain)

On 17 January 2014, ‘Prides Sociedad cooperativa de Zaragoza’, with the support of Dynamo International-Street Workers Network and street workers from the Spanish platform, organised the conference “Crisis, Childhood, Adolescents and street work”. We also had contact with Mexico and Brazil.

The city of Zaragoza is committed to continuing the street work programme.

This meeting was also an opportunity to convene a meeting of the Spanish street worker platform in order to move forward with restructuring. The new street work structure is called Dynamika, and it is already up and running.

Zaragoza programme

Individual Dynamika

Organisation Dynamika

Doc Dynamika


The European Union and You

EAPN campaign for the European Parliament Elections.

Vote for those championing a Social Europe: this is a call to action!

The European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) is looking for candidates who will be committed to combating poverty and social exclusion.

The European elections are very important! Vote for social cohesion!

Dynamo International is a member of the EAPN.

Press release

Street Work Training Institute - Erasmus +

The new EU program Erasmus+ has been launched. It present several opportunities to your staff (staff, volunteers, members….) for learning and professional development.

Erasmus+, among other actions, supports attendance of training courses, job shadowing and observation periods. Action Key 1 - Mobility for Youth Workers (For EU, social street workers are youth workers).
SwTI - Street Work Training Institute, could provide a tailored program for your training needs. We could help you to build up a call of proposal for a training placement in Lisbon or in other European country.
New deadline 1st October 2014.
Contact us: training@travailderue.org



International meeting in Santa Cruz (Bolivia)

The Pilot Group meeting of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network will be held from 20 to 24 October 2014 in Santa Cruz (Bolivia) and there will be an international meeting with street workers from all over the American continent as well as from other corners of the globe.

Join us and come and take part in this event!

See the Charter of Dynamo International:

English version

French version

Spanish version    

6th World Congress for the Rights of Children and Adolescents

(12-14 November 2014 in Puebla, Mexico).

The 6th World Congress for the Rights of Children and Adolescents will take place from 12 to 14 November in the town of Puebla, Mexico. Institutions, research centres and civil society organisations have come together to prepare the programme for this meeting.

Spread the word!  




New publication Stories from the Street

For several years, street workers members of Dynamo International Street - Street Workers Network are engaged in the drafting of several methodological tools. The drafting of these tools is based on a broad “bottum-up” collection of field experience process. This daily experience, which is that hundreds of street workers acting everywhere in the world, is particularly rich.
Through this publication, it comes back stories, questions and emotions.





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