Final Conference European Project TOUCH (Europe)

On 9 January 2013, Jugend street work Graz/Austria, member organization of the International network of street workers, participated in the final conference of the TOUCH project (DAPHNE programme), a research focusing on effective interventions related to street violence against young people.

The event took place at the NEWMAN University College in Birmingham (UK). The Austrian street workers attended the event with four youngsters who were involved in the TOUCH project before. Media professionals and radio journalists were present as well.

Mr.Lutzeier, the Principal of the University, welcomed the participants with warm words. Highlight of the day was the screening of the 65 minute-film produced out of the research. This key outcome of the project allowed providing an overview of street work with youth from various organisations in different countries. We hope this movie will be an important tool to address street violence.

Lesson learnt: If we want to know more about violence in street context, we shall listen to young people living in the street! 

Many thanks to NEWMAN University College Birmingham and especially to the investigator Mike Seal, the investigator, who was responsible for the whole research.

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Final Conference European Project TOUCH (Europe)