Photo exhibition: Social street workers around the world (Brussels, 15-21 May 2018)

Dynamo International, the members of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network, including the Belgian French federation Traces de Rue, the BELvue museum, the Foundation Roi Baudouin, inaugurate the exhibition “Travailleurs de rue, Tisseurs de liens”. 60 photographs of Véronique Vercheval to better understand the different aspects and societal implications of social street work at both local and international levels. A didactic and public event, accessible  until May 21st at the BELvue museum in Brussels.

60 portraits of social street workers around the world

In Ostend, Brussels, Bucharest, Tel Aviv, Port-au-Prince, Kinshasa, Ho Chi Minh City, or in the refugee camps in Palestine …, where she travelled between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2017, the photographer Véronique Vercheval met social street workers from the countries affiliated to the Dynamo International – Street Workers Network (Belgium, Romania, DRC, Haiti, Vietnam) as well as from Israel and Palestine. She accompanied them in their day-to-day work: the street, playgrounds, squares, parks, etc…

Street scenes of “neighborhood tours”, “zoning” or “patrols”

Social street workers are constantly pacing the streets. On foot, by bike or motorized, they go to meet the population during “Neighborhood tours”. Because the effectiveness of their work depends on their discretion and ability to adapt in the living environment of the most excluded populations, social street workers intervene in the shadows. The exhibition project originates from the necessity to show the unseen.

Much more than an exhibition …

  • Visits and workshops led by social street workers from the federation Traces de Rue
  • 1 book of more than 100 photographs by Véronique Vercheval, including those of the exhibition, are gathered in a publication prefaced by Bernard Devos, General Delegate for Children’s Rights of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
  • Walking tours in the streets of Brussels: the founding principle of street social work is to be out on the streets, a dozen photographs of the exhibition “Travailleurs de rue, Tisseurs de liens” are also visible Brussels public spaces from May 3rd to May 22nd. Bystanders walking around certain streets of the Brussels municipalities, including Forest, Watermael-Boitsfort, Anderlecht and the centre of Brussels, can thus get a glimpse of street social work

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Photo exhibition: Social street workers around the world (Brussels, 15-21 May 2018)