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Dynamo International – Street Workers Network | The official launch day of Dynamo France scheduled for 21 February 2019

The official launch day of Dynamo France scheduled for 21 February 2019

On November 15, 2018, the members of the newly created Dynamo France federation, which brings together several associations from the street education sector in France, gathered in Paris to prepare the official launch event of the activities of Dynamo France planned on 21 February 2019.

Dynamo France will de facto take over from the National Liaison Committee of Actors of Specialized Prevention (CNLAPS) in its role of national platform of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network. It was also thanks to the initiative of some of the members of the CNLAPS that the dynamic to create this new platform revived.

Dynamo France will gather and facilitate networking at a national level of street educators supporting children, young people, adults working and / or living on the street.

The network will aim to increase the efficiency and quality of practices through training, exchanges and educational tools. It will also aim to generate a national mobilization to build structural and sustainable responses to the problems experienced by people in the street situations in France.

Dynamo France is currently composed of actors from the fields of specialized prevention* and social watch:

  • National Liaison Committee of Actors of Specialized Prevention (CNLAPS)

  • Logo Comité National de Liaison des Acteurs de la Prévention Spécialisée (CNLAPS)

    The National Liaison Committee of Specialized Prevention Actors (CNLAPS) is an association founded in 1972, based in Paris, bringing together the various actors in “specialized prevention”. In 2016, it includes 130 members, including 120 associations, 2 non-associative structures and 8 individual members.

  • Federation of Solidarity Actors (FAS)

  • Logo Fédération des acteurs de la solidarité (FAS)

    The Federation is a general network fighting against exclusions and promoting social work. It opens spaces for dialogues between all the actors of the social sector, and defends the participation of the people experiencing exclusion in the public policies that concern them. It brings together 870 solidarity associations and organizations that “going towards” and housing the poorest.

  • National Federation of Social Samu (FNSS)
  • The National Federation of Social Samu has been active since March 2001. Its main objective is to support all member organizations working on the French territory in their practices to fight, at national level, exclusion and precariousness. The Federation counts in 2018, 70 members of which nearly half are Samu social launched by the French Red Cross.


  • Founded in 1948, the CNAPE is a national federation of associations dedicated to the protection of children, adolescents and young adults. At the heart of our priorities: child protection, juvenile criminal justice, children and youth with disabilities, social vulnerability or integration problems, prevention in all areas concerning them , the accompaniment of families facing difficulties having implications for the child.

  • Youth Action Associations Pessac

  • Logo Associations Action Jeunesse Pessac

    The Youth Action Association Pessac conducts social street support activities for young people in the south-west of France.

  • The association Aurore

  • Logo Associations AURORE

    Founded in 1871, the Aurore association provides housing and health care and accompanies more than 37,000 people in precarious or excluded situations towards social and professional integration.

  • Charonne-Oppelia
  • Oppelia is an association headquartered in Paris. It provides assistance to children, adolescents and adults, as well as their families, who encounter social, medico-social or health problems, particularly related to the use of psychotropic substances or at risk.

    The Charonne association is a major actor in addictology in Paris since the 1970’s.

  • And individual street social workers

  • * In France, “specialized prevention” is one of the missions of child welfare. It is characterized by the mode of action of street social workers, whose main field of intervention is the street and the public space. Outside the classic social assistance framework, “specialized prevention” teams meet the most disadvantaged young people. Their role is to identify and “going towards” young people who are excluded from the socialization bodies or who reject them, to listen to them, to accompany them in order to help them face the difficulties they encounter and to encourage their insertion in different structures or institutions (club, sport, work, training, schooling, etc.), with a view to sustainable inclusion in society.

    The official launch day of Dynamo France scheduled for 21 February 2019