DRC: Inauguration of emergency shelter for children in street situations in Kinshasa

The Street Social Work Support Committee (CATSR), member Dynamo International – Street Workers Network , and the non-profit organization Dynamo International inaugurated on November 20th, 2017, a new shelter for children in street situations in the commune of Bandalungwa in Kinshasa.

Co-Chaired by the Congolese Minister of Social Affairs and the Belgian Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the inauguration ceremony brought together more than 200 people, several Congolese regional ministers, the Belgian Ambassador and the Federation delegate Wallonia Brussels, many Congolese civil servants, representatives of international and local NGOs, street social workers, the president of CATSR and Dynamo International as well as many young people and children in street situations.

Built on the premises of the Social Promotion Center of the commune of Bandalungwa in Kinshasa , on land made available by the Ministry of Social Affairs of the DRC, the reception center d emergency LIKEMO-CATSR in Kinshasa will ensure the personalized reception of children in street situations and sometimes their families.

This center is intended to be a place of convergence for all street social workers and local associations, administrations, children’s courts, public or private services wishing to guide a child in an emergency and in danger. The term LIKEMO also finds its inspiration in three words in Lingala meaning “family” (“Libota”), “school” (“Kelasi”) and “profession” (“Mosala”) .

The construction of this center and the 5-year program that accompanies it (2017-2021), supported by Dynamo International thanks to the support of the Belgian Development Cooperation, Wallonia Brussels International, the Fondation du Lions Club International, the Air France Corporate Foundation and the Municipality of Woluwe Saint Lambert in Brussels-Capital, are part of the bilateral collaboration on “Rights and protection of children in the DRC” between the Wallonia Federation Brussels and the Congolese Government.

With a capacity of at least 50 people, the LIKEMO shelter comprises administrative offices on the first level. The ground floor includes a multipurpose room that serves as an activity room and refectory, as well as two dormitories (one for girls and one for boys), each equipped with twenty beds. There are also brand new sanitary facilities and showers.

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DRC: Inauguration of emergency shelter for children in street situations in Kinshasa