ELASTIC project: Innovative approaches to social assistance in the digital era

The need for adjustment, the ability of change and trying new forms and working solutions, which are key to the difficult role of social workers and welfare organizations, have led to the launch of a new European initiative under the ERASMUS + programme: ELASTIC.

The aim of the project is to increase digital skills of professionals working in the field of education and social inclusion of adults in extreme vulnerability situations. Scheduled to start in October for a period of 2 years, the project plans an integrated course of experiences and practices exchange among European partner organizations and specific training events.

New situations of extreme vulnerability

In recent years, the priorities of social work has changed. Individual social assistance is becoming more complex and social workers have to adjust their interventions to new situations of extreme vulnerability (e.g. homeless, migrant, asylum seekers, refugees, etc.).

New immigration raised language barriers and cultural misunderstandings among social workers and with their end-users. As a consequence, it has become increasingly difficult for these professionals to appraise new needs.

Old answers do not match new demands

Old answers do not match new demands and isolated work teams are unable to ensure the complementarity and effectiveness of the entire intervention. Professionals as diverse as street workers, teachers, instructors, psychologists, health workers, educators, often have very different methodologies, languages and timescales.

Identify new practices

In short, this partnership will help identify new practices, acquire new skills and try new instruments to enhance the effectiveness of local social and community protection services for the adult population at risk of marginalization and exclusion.

Ultimately, useful skills, innovative instruments and adapted practices will be collected and used to develop a Guide for the proper use of ICTs in social work with vulnerable adults.

Participating members of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network :
  • ČESKA ASOCIACE STREETWORK, NGO working in the field of street and outreach work with youth in Czech Republic, and one of the 51 members of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network, is participating to the 2-year project with other NGOs,  federations,  public organizations and  academics from Italy, Belgium Spain, and Poland. The Czech Association Outreach-work (in English), represents social professionals, outreach services and youth shelters working with street children and street youths, drug addicts, homeless, people living in socially excluded areas and prostitutes.