QUEBEC: The association of street educators of Quebec celebrates its 25th anniversary (Nicolet, 17-19 Sept. 2018)

On the occasion of the celebrations of the 10th and 25th anniversaries of the ROCQTR (Association of Community Organizations in Quebec for Street Work) and ATTRueQ (Association of Street Workers of Quebec), Canadian member of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network, a 3-day seminar was held in Quebec. This important event for street social workers in Quebec gathered more than 200 participants on September 17, 18 and 19, 2018 at the Montfort Hotel in Nicolet, Quebec.

This gathering of street educators and outreach workers and their coordinators from across the Quebec province was also an opportunity to attend conferences and working groups, and hold the general assemblies of the participating organisations.

Strong emphasis  was put on the international dimension of this event, with the presence of Mathilde Dufranc, coordinators of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network from Brussels (Belgium) and Benito Cignac, coordinator of the Haitian platform PLANATRUCH (PLAteforme National des Travailleurs de Street and Community of Haiti), also member of the international network.

ATTRueQ, a founding member of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network

ATTRueQ is one of the founding members of the international network of street social workers and as such, contributed actively to the conceptualization of street social work. In 1997, ATTRueQ members had already published “Street work, from oral to written transcription”*, a founding document, which inspired the international methodological guides like the “International guide on the methodology of street work throughout the world”

About the latest Network’s Publication on “Social street work, between struggles, resistances and mobilizations”

ATTRueQ has also been working for many years in Haiti, and especially in Jacmel, on social inclusion through art and culture.

A plenary dedicated to the challenges of street social work in the world

A 75-minute presentation, given by Francis Lacharité, Quebec coordinator of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network and Mathilde Dufranc, aimed to make Quebec workers aware of the importance of the international dimension in their daily practice. The idea was to mobilize their energy to interact and exchange with their peers abroad.

Several points were addressed during this presentation:

  • The main issues in the 4 regions represented in the network: the Americas & Caribbean, Asia, Africa and Europe
  • The role of the international network, in particular its missions in terms of political interpellation
  • The issues and challenges for the network, and for social work in general
  • The challenges of the next Pilot Group in Nepal in October 2018
  • Quebec’s place in the international network

Learn more about the Pilot Group meeting in Nepal  in 2018 : The challenges of the next Pilot Group for the Network (Nepal, 22-26 Oct. 2018)

Benito Cignac, coordinator of the social street workers platform in Haiti PLANATRUCH, also presented the situation in his country and more specifically, the legal framework for the intervention of street social workers. Sylvain Fillon, street social worker and director of the NGO Tous les enfants de l’autre monde also drew up a picture of the living conditions of children in street situations in Peru.

All these activities highlighted Quebec’s central role in the internationalization of the street social practices.

Many other speeches and lectures were given during these three days…

  • Negotiation of the meaning and uses of street practices in the world (study by Annie Fontaine)
  • Proximity care in Quebec, threat or opportunity? (Dr. Samuel Blain)
  • Issues related to the legalization of cannabis and the decriminalization of drugs
  • Alternative justice and collaboration with the police
  • And many other creative workshops…

… along with a projection of the travelling photographic exhibit “Travailleurs de rue, Tisseurs de liens” lauched in Brussels in May 2018.

For more information about this event or the activities of ATTRueQ, please contact:

Francis Lacharité

National coordinator for Quebec

Dynamo International – Street Workers Network

* Original title in French : « le travail de rue de l’oral à l’écrit »

QUEBEC:  The association of street educators of Quebec celebrates its 25th anniversary (Nicolet, 17-19 Sept. 2018)