March 2016



More than 12 million of people flee their country devastated by war and among them more and more women and children. This alarming observation is the one of the refugee crisis that continues to grow.

The meeting of interior ministers of the Union which took place on Thursday 25th February in Brussels, proved once again, the inability of Europe to overcome this unprecedented crisis with especially the lack of solidarity and cooperation between France and Belgium (which wants to close its borders and waive the Schengen agreement in response to the "jungle" of Calais).

Following this climate of tension and frustration, an open letter dedicated to the delegates of the ministers of the Council of Europe on migration was launched. These are 16 NGOs - including Dynamo International - who participated in the writing of this letter in order to share their expertise on this humanitarian crisis and make proposals for action.




New Platform Moodle on social street work

The training institute on social street work invites everyone who is interested in the social street work methodology to register for free to the Open Educational Resource (OER). This tool allows to have access and to download pedagogic material on the proposed topics. Four issues connected to the social street work methodology will be launched in the OER. It is an activity of  #STREATPROJECT financed by Erasmus +.     Inscriptions


Be Youth Worker Today !

Be Youth Worker Today - BYWT is a project born in Catalonia (Spain) with the desire to create a European transversal youth workers network. Dynamo International-Street Workers Network participles in their conference in Barcelone.

+ info



SWTI – Training in Haiti

A training on the methodology of street work for the inclusion of children in street situations took place in Haiti from 18 to 22 January 2016 + info

SWTI – Formación en Grecia

In Greece, from 1 to 5 February 2016, held a workshop entitled "social street work - methodology of work with refugees". + info

Visit of the Pope in Mexico

Back on the Pope's visit to Mexico from 12 to 17 February 2016. + info

Campaign on children’s rights in Brazil

In Brazil, civil society organizations in collaboration with the government launching a national campaign for children's rights. + Info



What about children’s access to justice ?

How to defend its rights effectively when you are a child?

In order to best respond to this question, the Child Rights International Network (CRIN) has published a report and a ranking of the world on this issue.   + info


Indicators to assess the children’s rights

The National Commission for the Rights of the Child (NCRC) has developed 40 national indicators of child rights. Visit CNDE


A Call for Action !

January 15 in Palermo, UNICEF and the European Parliament Intergroup on Children's Rights launched a call to action to better protect the rights of migrant and refugee children arriving in Europe.    + info


The first European Practical Guide dedicated to the monitoring of places of deprivation of liberty for children

This guide is a practical and innovative tool that provides preventive and responsive to the child perspective on monitoring of detention centers for minors.     +info



International Training in Social Street Work in Senegal

from 11th till 15th April, 2016  Willing to participate ? Sign up!


European Consulting the 18th and 19th of April in Brussels

In collaboration with the Consortium for street Children, Dynamo International coordinate the European consultation taking place the 18th and 19th of April. Participants will be (street) social worker working in Europe, accompanying children in street situations / young adults who were in street situations (between 12 and 24 years old). The approach is participatory and inclusive and will supply the content of the General Comment.

This is a major issue as the General Comments of the UN Child Rights Committee complement on a legal basis, and at the highest level, the International Convention of Children's Rights.   + info

We want to specify that the expression « IN STREET SITUATION » is consciously kept very large in order to gather a diversified audience. It includes children who have a link with the street. This link can have different forms, including for example Rom community, children in exile, youth in suburbs, … diversity will extend the wealth of the consultation.

For more information contact Mathilde at  m.dufranc@travailderue.org


International Day for children in street situations on April 12th

The "Network Solidarity Fund" is among others fed through an annual day of solidarity of the network and may take the form of a meal or other event, organized by the street workers on the local or national level. The date of this day is 12 of April. Enjoy this day so that no one forgets these children in street situations and be creative!       + info


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