January 2016


We wish you a happy and successful 2016!

We want a fairer world and a habitable planet!



Social protection for all and the CNCD 11.11.11

The CNCD-11.11.11 is the gathering of almost 90 development NGOs, trade unions and continuing education associations involved in international solidarity in Belgium.

 Dynamo International is a member of the CNCD 11.11.11 and participated to the 2015 campaign from November 5 to 15 dealing with the social protection for all. The reasons for the campaign of this year:

• Social protection is a human right. It must be written in the laws of each country.

• Social protection is financeable even for the poorest countries.

• Social organizations should be involved in policy decision making process regarding the social protection.

Europe and Belgium also need to strengthen their own social security.

The whole team of Dynamo International started the fundraising and the mobility team organized an activity around social protection with young people from 8 to 18 years old. Their attentions were raised to issues related to social protection and its upholding in Belgium and the need for its international development.

The first solidarity funds emerged in the mid-nineteenth century with the industrial revolution and became after World War II, social security as we know it. Although the private sector is increasingly encroaching on the functions of the State in terms of social protection, the CNCD 11.11.11 supports partners worldwide in their actions to social protection based on mutualist model.



Back on the Workshop "training on advocacy" #STREATPROJECT - Erasmus+

4 represented continents, 16 present countries, intense exchanges based on the experience of each, lively and constructive group discussions, a thirst to learn on behalf of the participants, very professional trainers,…

The activity which took place in Lisbon from November 30th till December 4th, 2015. Here are the elements which marked the week, focused on the recognition of the social street work.

Throughout the week, the participants have been able to acquire the required tools for the construction of a strategic plan of advocacy by keeping in mind the future of the social street work.

A lot of work but with a good mood and a big motivation !

Street Work Traning Institute



Non-take up of social benefits

The group Eurofound published a study on the non-take up of social benefits and the solutions that could be implemented to promote access to social rights.

The report first focuses on the identification of people with a higher propensity to non-take up of social benefits and the reasons of this non-take up.

The main reasons are a lack of information, complicated procedures for accessing these benefits, lack of clarity and the stigma attached to those rights or social stigma feeling. The decrease of non-take up of social benefits contributes to the objectives of the European Union to ensure equity, fight against poverty and promote equal opportunities.

These benefits are used to make insertion in the labor market easier or limit greater economic and social costs, particularly among the most vulnerable populations.

The report then proposes to assign these benefits automatically, without procedure or application, it highlights the need for a proactive administrative system which indicates the benefit as soon as the beneficiary may have the right to receive it and the implementation of more efficient communication and information systems. This study proposes to rate the non-take up of social benefits as a benefit performance indicator and, finally, to improve awareness campaigns among rights holders.

To read the full report


The sustainable development goals of the UN, a new roadmap to 2030

In line with the Millennium Development Goals, the UN has set new Sustainable Development Goals for the coming years. Among the new objectives in September 2015, we can notice that they aim at reducing poverty, violence against children and improving education, access to health and struggle for gender equality.

Although there is no objective that makes explicit reference to children's rights and human rights and that no State is obliged to measure the impact of their sustainable development policies on human rights humans, we recall that it is the function of the State to ensure and ensure compliance with the minimum standards defined by the Human rights.

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International training in Rufisque (Senegal) from 11th till 15th april, 2016

A Training on the social street work will be held in Senegal in the town of Rufisque from 11 to 15 April 2016.

This training is for social workers, project managers, policy makers, trainers and teachers, young people, children of the street and students.

Workshops, visits of sites and associations as well as role-playing are planned.

Working language : French.

Cost: 300 euros until March 20, 2016 / 380 euros after March 20, 2016.


+Info: cosaedcoordinationantional@gmail.comcosaed-senegal@hotmail.fr

 Feel free to participate !


International meeting in Kinshasa (RDC) from June 27th till July 2nd 2016

From June 27th till July 2nd, 2016, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo will welcome the next meeting of the pilot group of Dynamo International - Street Workers Network.

This meeting will also be a part of an international forum of training on the social street work and will be an opportunity for other street  workers to join us and to share their practices through an active participation. #STREATPROJECT - Erasmus+

Your presence is welcome !


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